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Feathered Friends

Abbotsbury gardens can be a real haven for wildlife, especially passing migrant birds. This year a rare Hoopoe was spotted as he came up from the continent and paused to rest a while at the gardens. Talking of exotic birds, when I first started work at Abbotsbury many years ago now, there were 10 peacocks that roamed the grounds. Unfortunately they had to go as they were destroying the garden. My compromise was to introduce Golden Pheasants which are colourful and add interest for visitors without eating all our Hostas….well not too much damage !! To add to the visitors experience in the garden I believe using all your senses with touchy feely plants, scent, and sound effect. That is why I introduced our British bred Australian friends…Kookaburras. Dawn in the Australian….or…Abbotsbury bush, has no more delightful or characteristic sound than the chorus of the Kookaburras. The rollicking laughter adds another dimension to the atmosphere of the garden from their woodland aviary, and the good news is they have hatched out three chicks this year to add to the family. All beak and no feathers at the moment, but I’m sure you’ll be hearing from them later in the year!!

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