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17th March 2011

The beautiful Himalayan Magnolia campbellii is a tree that once seen in full flower is never forgotten. The stunning pink flowers, each the size of a tea cup and saucer, decorate the bare branches before the leaves come out, shining through the woodland canopy like a beacon. This year they are at least a month later to flower because of the cold winter that prolonged the dormancy of the buds. However, the combination of colour is stunning right now as other shrubs like Rhododendrons macabeanum and Camellia reticulatas all compete for brilliance in the flower world. The sweet fragrant scent of Daphne bohlua “Jacqueline Postill” and Daphne odora ‘Aureo-marginata’ lingers in the air of the woodland pathways as the last of the snowdrops give way to the vibrant yellow daffodils.

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  1. how have all your cordylines faired during this winter, i have lost all my beautiful specimin palms , even though they were fleeced.

    1. Our Cordylines have faired better than others only 5miles inland. Some growing points have rotted out on parts of the plants but most of the multi-headed plants which are 6m tall have come through un scathed.

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